Diesel Fuel Technical Review from Chevron.

January 30, 2016 By ,

A great diesel fuel technical resource from Chevron.
Like a text book to bring an interested person up to speed on everything specifically diesel fuel related.  This is far better than persusing a diesel gossip board.

Chevron Diesel Technical Doc

If you are curious about diesel fuel as an actual product these days this is the book for you. Chevron has developed a Diesel Fuel Technical Review which is essentially an easy to read textbook on diesel as a stand alone fuel.

This document covers not only refining, chemistry and ASTM specifications. It also goes into additives, quality assurance issues and the general reality seen on the street by those of us keeping fleets on the road. This is a great resource for fleets.

See the Chevron Diesel Fuel Technical Review here: Chevron Diesel Fuels Technical Review