Portland and Vancouver Area Fleet and On-site Fueling

Taking care of fleet fueling, for fleets big and small, is one of StarOilco’s core services in Oregon and Washington. Our drivers want your business and you will feel the difference when your mobile onsite refueling is done by StarOil. Most of our driver team has been with us for over five years and the dedication to your wet hosing needs is noticeable when you move your service to us.

We will directly fuel your parked equipment overnight with on-road or off-road diesel (dyed diesel) at B5, B20 blend levels and renewable diesel. Free your driver’s time with one less stop to be made in the day. We also do early-morning construction fueling as well.

Let’s look at some of the advantages that come along with on-site fleet fueling:

  1. Reduced Labor Costs:  No more valuable drive time is wasted at truck stops or fueling locations.
  2. Seize Control of your Fuel Taxes: Oregon fleets stopping for fuel in Washington state are needlessly paying $.494 in fuel taxes.
  3. Increased Up Time: Spend more time on the road hauling what you need.
  4. Per Truck Usage and Reporting: Track your fuel spending down to the penny.  Fuel theft is a thing of the past with on-site fleet fueling.
  5. Easy Billing: No more receipts and endless transactions.  Enjoy one, simple, monthly fuel bill.
  6. One Place for Fuel: Connect your on-site fueling with Pacific Pride or other fleet cards all on one bill by license plate, person or work site.

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