Use Pacific Pride to control your fleet fueling.

April 27, 2017 By


Pacific Pride’s Pride Advantage card can give you control over when and where fuel is bought. More importantly you can dictate when the card will not work.  You can set up restrictions by days of the week, hours of the day or even by zip codes.  If your business does not operate on weekends, turn off the fuel cards.  If you your fleet is never on the road before 7am and is back at home by 7pm every night, set up those time restrictions to make it that much harder for fuel theft to occur.

Often the most controllable expense related with fuel is the fuel that might slip through a business due to unethical employees or outside theft. Fuel slippage being the industry term for unauthorized fuel taking.  With Pacific Pride cardlock fuel you can take control over fuel purchases and avoid the loss up front with card controls.  Contact Star Oilco for a total fuel security solution for your business.

Pacific Pride also now has a function available called E-Receipt. It will send your dispatch or management an email every time fuel is bought. Know who bought fuel when, where, and what product as it happens in real time. Counsel and control your team’s fuel buying practices the day they happen not after you get a bill.  Seize control!

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