Avoid credit card theft with Pacific Pride Fleet Cards

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How do you avoid fuel theft? Avoid fuel theft by avoiding the use of credit cards in your business. You can avoid the use of credit cards with Star Oilco’s Pacific Pride fleet card system.

Every day fuel theft is occurring in our economy, usually due to the loose controls associated with credit cards in businesses.

Fuel can easily be sold for cash, therefore it is very attractive to steal. For many thieves, fuel is a preferred way to use a stolen credit card to turn credit into cash. Shown in the picture below is a truck set up with a slip tank to steal and resell fuel with a stolen credit card. Be aware, criminals have a proven ability to turn gasoline and diesel into cash. They target retail gas stations.

According to an August 10th, 2017 article from the Associated Press titled “A look at credit card skimmers and how to prevent fraud,” a single skimming location can be expected to steal $100,000 for the thieves who successfully deploy it.  This means that this form of theft is not going away soon. It is far too profitable for the thieves. Do not be one of those taken advantage of and avoid retail gas stations to begin with. And avoid giving low level employees credit cards.

You can ditch retail gas stations and credit cards in lieu of Pacific Pride commercial fleet cards (Note: for reasons why to use Pacific Pride fleet cards, please see this previous article). Pacific Pride fleet cards when used at a stand alone commercial cardlock location operate on their own network with Pacific Pride. Therefore you are not exposing your business to a credit card transaction platform that can be exploited by thieves.

Credit Card skimming is a major theft threat to small businesses. The best way to avoid exposing your small business is to stop using a credit card. Use a Pacific Pride Fleet Card to avoid the risk of skimming, as well as other forms of internal theft. Further protections exist with a Pacific Pride card with the added controls of zip code restrictions for use, time of day/day of week restrictions for use, and a cap on fuel types as well as total gallons purchased at a time. Credit cards do not have these restrictions to protect your business.

For more on what it takes to use a Pacific Pride or CFN fleet card in Oregon please follow this link, or call Star Oilco to find out more about our Pacific Pride Fleet Cards and securing your fleet from fuel theft.

Star Oilco's Pacific Pride corporate fleet card

Pacific Pride fleet fuel card.


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