BioGuard Plus 6 Spring Cleaning for your Diesel Tank

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VValvtect BioGuard Plus 6alvtect BioGuard Plus 6

Use every spring and fall to guarantee your tank is not providing a habitat to fuel system spoiling microbes.

Water in diesel is a fact of life these days.  Biological growth spoiling your fuel quality does not have to be.  Ultralow sulfur diesel and biodiesel have water in them.  Over time water entrained in your diesel fuel can fall out of solution.

If your tank does not have a desiccant breather on it, your fuel tank can collect condensation.  As air moves in and out of the tank with temperature changes, moisture will collect on the wall of the tank.   Yeasts, bacteria, fungi, and algae can grow in that water which collects on the bottom of the tank.  Make sure your tank is not a habitat for growing bugs every spring and fall.

Microbiological growth in diesel fuel, also know as “Humbug” in fuel, can start growing and if unchecked will wreak havoc with your fleet.  Once it starts in your fuel tank it will spread throughout your fleet.  If you see a random need to spin filters between services or odd fuel related maintenance issues, you likely have bugs growing in your fuel tanks.

Star Oilco recommends BioGuard Plus 6 as a regular biocide for routine maintenance.  

BioGuard Plus 6 is the only EPA certified biocide product that has both a biocide as well as a fuel stabilizer with detergent in one product.  This detergent stabilizer acts as an aggressive tank cleaner (NOTE: BioGuard available without Plus 6).

When using Valvtect BioGuard, treat first with a kill done in your bulk diesel storage.  That will spread and kill the growing bugs in your fleet.  Maintenance will clean up any remaining bacteria. If you do not have a known or seen problem, a kill twice a year is a great way to guarantee it does not appear and treat the individual tanks of your fleet.

For a more in depth description of Valvtect BioGuard Plus 6 please click here.

If you have any questions about routine tank maintenance or to order Valvtect BioGuard products please don’t hesitate to contact Star Oilco directly by email, message, or phone.

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