Blue Crude, eDiesel and the next generation of diesel fuel.

October 8, 2016 By , ,

National Geographic has a fascinating article on a next generation refinery making a renewable CO2 neutral diesel product.  A fossil fuel free diesel made from CO2 and H20 or simply put diesel made from air and water.  Wikipedia’s E-Diesel article is a better in a nutshell description of this technology as well.

This next generation synthetic fuel is being made by Sunfire.  They call their product “Blue Crude” and it is in production in Germany now in collaboration with Audi.

More on Sunfire’s eDiesel product via a company produced You Tube below:


At the time of this article eDiesel is not available in the Pacific Northwest.  Neste’s Renewable Diesel, SeQuential fully sustainable Biodiesel an REG’s virgin oil Biodiesel are immediately available though. If you are looking for low carbon fuels, a sustainable talking point for your fleet, or the fleet maintenance improvements of a pure Renewable Diesel product call Star Oilco for more information. We are shipping sustainable fuels daily.

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