Portland and Vancouver Bulk Fuel Services

At Star Oilco, we pride ourselves on the high level of bulk fuel services we provide and our ability to meet our customer’s special fueling needs; whether it’s into a bulk tank, a stand-by piece of equipment, on-site fuel delivery and self-serve fueling cardlocks. We work with our customers to help them find the best program to meet their needs.

Star Oilco can deliver a variety of bulk fuels to where you need it: at your headquarters or out in the field. Our goal is to provide you with a fueling program that will best fit your needs and deliver the highest level of customer service to make your job easier.

Benefits of Bulk Fueling:

If you purchase more than 1000 gallons per month of any type of fuel, you may want to consider bulk fueling. We deliver bulk fuel to tanks across the Portland Metro region, from rail yards to construction sites. Often, our deliveries are for off-road diesel, also known as dyed diesel. Our off-road diesel bulk delivery rates are reasonable and our dyed diesel service quality has kept our customers coming back for over 70 years.

We can also provide you with the tanks or equipment you may need to get bulk fueling up and running on your site. Whether you need gasoline tanks, on-road diesel or dyed diesel, we have the right equipment for you—from tank, to pump, to nozzle. If you’re considering bulk fuel in the Portland area, look no further than Star Oilco.

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Bulk Fuel Deliveries:

  • On-Road Diesel
  • Off-Road Diesel
  • Biodiesel
  • Kerosene
  • Gasoline (minimum 500 gallons)

Onsite Refueling Service:

  • On Road Diesel
  • Off Road Diesel
  • Biodiesel

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