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Fuel Market Report: Sept 24th, 2023 – Sept 30th, 2023 150 150 Star Oilco

Fuel Market Report: Sept 24th, 2023 – Sept 30th, 2023


Oregon Fuel Price Variance

National retail fuel prices dropped slightly this week by only 5 cents from the week previous. Retail diesel prices in Oregon dropped 7 cents from the week previous, as gas prices increased by 8 cents. Trends will similar in Washington as gas prices rose by 11 cents and diesel prices dropped by 4 cents. Crude Oil prices dropped slightly to just under $90 ($89.35). As the winter blend of fuel comes onto to the market across the board we should see gas prices begin to decrease in price but there is no guarantee this will happen as fuel prices have been higer than usual for the last few months.

Crude oil is the main ingredient for gasoline and diesel. Per AAA, on average about 50% of what you pay at the pump is the price of crude oil, breaking down as 25% refining, 11% distribution & marketing and 14% taxes. A helpful breakdown for consumers wondering why they are paying the prices that they pay.

Prices in Oregon are 66 cents cheaper than they were a year ago which is a good sign for Oregonians but with most stations priced around $4.70-5.00/gal, drivers are still price conscious. With the holiday season approaching consumers are looking to save any and everywhere they can.

Gasoline demand rose slightly in September but domestic gasoline stock declined slightly to close the month of Septemer. With high demand and tight supply, prices have rose in past weeks, with crude below $90/barrell, prices should begin to drop across the board.

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Portland Oregon Fuel Market Report July 17th-23rd, 2020 150 150 Star Oilco

Portland Oregon Fuel Market Report July 17th-23rd, 2020

Portland, Oregon Fuel Market Report

07/17/2020 – 07/23/2020 Weeks Average

A spike in COVID-19 and states reverting back phases causes price fluctuation that was unseen in the retail sector. Wholesale gasoline prices have shot down by .12 cents. Retail gasoline prices have also gone down, but not within the pacific west coast. In Oregon retail gas shot up .015 cents and Washington it went up over .02 cents.

Although diesel is still on the rise in both wholesale and retail. The wholesale rack jumped .05 cents. The retail prices had minimal jumps around .005 cents in Oregon and Washington. Our new tracking is now also able to show B20 prices jumped .04 cents.

*Chart acquired from gasbuddy.com

Rack Week Average

Wholesale Price Average

Wholesale Low

Wholesale Avg


$ 1.44

$ 1.52


$ 1.29

$ 1.32


$ 1.19

$ 1.28

Retail Week Average

Retail Price Average





$ 2.19

$ 2.66

$ 2.80


$ 2.44

$ 2.62

$ 2.74





State: OR


State: WA











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*Numbers are an accumulation from different sources including gasbuddy and AAA.

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