Construction Jobsite Fueling

February 10, 2019 By ,

Make your project easier for everyone.  Be it bulk loaner tank or a wet-hose fueling service, Star Oilco is ready for your construction fuel needs.


Star Oilco is here to serve your diesel fueling needs.

Regardless if your project is for one day or a few years, we are here to keep that equipment topped off and running. Star Oilco does wethose fueling construction jobsites in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Our dyed diesel, clear diesel, or gas construction refuelers are on the road ready for your order.

Lightsets, generators, refrigerated trailers, and pumping equipment needing regular on-time, off-road diesel fuel is our specialty in the Portland and Vancouver markets. If you have a need for gasoline in small volumes on your site, we can help with that as well. If you need fuel and want it there on time, we are here to keep you up and running.

Loaner tanks are also immediately available for your project to keep fuel costs down. Avoid the recurring rental costs and go with a vendor who truly cares about your up time and schedule needs. Whether it is high service hands on wet hosing fueling or bulk drops, Star Oilco makes fueling your construction project easy.

Star Oilco is here to make your project management easier.  Keep your equipment moving and on the job and kick those fuel cans.

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