Transportable and Stationary Fuel Storage Tanks

Save Time + Money with On-Site Fuel Tank and Auto Fill Services

As budgets tighten and delivery expectations rise, your company needs a competitive advantage. Star Oilco delivers — literally! Our on-site fuel storage tanks will increase efficiency and reduce costs for your long-term construction and agricultural projects.

Available Now! Standard + Deluxe Fuel Tank Packages



  • Stationary steel fuel tank for on-site gasoline or diesel fuel supply and fleet refueling
  • Double-wall eliminates the need for spill basins
  • Heavy-duty skid base and 4-way fork pockets
  • A lockable equipment cabinet helps prevent fuel theft
  • Corner brackets for easy stacking while empty


  • USDOT certified transportable steel fuel tank for diesel or gasoline
  • Can also be used as an on-site diesel fueling and auxiliary fuel supply*
  • Double-wall eliminates the need for spill basins
  • Man-way access for routine maintenance
  • Corner brackets allow lifting by crane when filled with fuel

* If using your TransCube as a stationary tank, a vent kit (not included) is required. Ask your Star Oilco representative for details.

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