Do you have questions about Neste’s 100% Renewable Diesel in Oregon?

February 28, 2017 By ,

Star Oilco can deliver Renewable Diesel to your tank in Oregon and Washington.  If you are looking at this fuel we will work hard to make it easy for you regardless of how small or large your fleet. It is immediately available for bulk customers.  If you are interested in mobile on-site refueling, wet-hosing, construction job site fueling, or a retail option for the fuel we can work with you as well to make that happen.

Neste, a pioneering manufacturer of Renewable Diesel
products and market leader of this Low Carbon fuel on the West Coast of the US, has announced the launching of a 100% Renewable Diesel product.  Neste’s formal press release can be found on their website HERE.  This product is available in Oregon and California.  Star Oilco is a proud seller of Neste’s Renewable Diesel product.  We are excited to see Neste formally focus it’s tracking and definition of their low carbon ultra pure diesel products to enable a 100% Renewable description.
Customers of Star Oil have asked what separates a “100% Renewable” from other renewable diesel products? In our conversations with Neste it is all about the feedstock used in the production of this product. Neste refines vegetable oil into these next generation biofuels.  100% Renewable means that the products are from waste streams not from food production. In a document before the California Air Resource Board they define these feedstocks as animal tallow. Tallow in a nutshell being waste lards from rendering processes. Informal conversations with Neste employees, we have been told that there is reclaimed waste stream of low grade non-food oils pulled out of the palm oil refining process that is included as well.

The product currently for sale by Neste in Oregon, Washington and California is available given the Low Carbon Fuel standards created by California and Oregon. The plant that manufactures the Renewable Diesel product for the West Coast is in Singapore,  Neste NXTBTL Renewable Diesel is available for your fleet.

Call Star Oilco with any questions you may have about Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel, Ethanol or other emerging alternative fuels.  We have a track record of making alternative fuels easy for those wanting to use them. Call 503-283-1256 or email OrderDesk@Star and we can get you in conversation with our team about a future fuel available today.
neste-v-petroPicture shows a Neste Renwable Diesel product burning next to a petroleum diesel. Notice the emissions difference between the two. Fleet using Neste Renewable Diesel in the Oregon market have commented that their maintenance costs have been reduced especially in relation to particulate traps, exhaust gas recirculating systems and other areas of maintenance concern and cost point points. Picture courtesy of Neste’s website.