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Field Trials Renewable Diesel

Extensive field trials have been carried out with Neste Renewable Diesel in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Canada. The fuel has performed excellently in these trials, both at 100% content and a variety of blending ratios.

The trial uses of the fuel have not resulted in any operability issues or need for extra maintenance regarding fuel filters, fuel systems, fuel hoses, seals in fuel systems, engines or exhaust after treatment devices.

The same applies to fuel logistics: the trial uses did not reveal any differences compared to fossil diesel fuel use regarding water, microbiological growth, storage stability and material issues.

About 300 buses were driving in the Helsinki area from 2007 to 2010 with Neste Renewable Diesel all year round down to ambient temperatures below -25 oC (-13 °F).

Most of the buses used a fuel blend containing up to 30% of Neste Renewable Diesel in EN 590 fuel, while 11 buses run with Neste Renewable Diesel as such.

The goal of this project was to improve quality of the urban air and to promote advanced biofuels in public transport. Both old and modern buses from several makers representing Euro II to EEV emission levels were included in the test fleet as well as some Retrofit exhaust after treatment systems.

A total of 50 million kilometers (nearly 32 million miles) were run with the fuel blend and 1.5 million kilometers with the neat Neste Renewable Diesel. This means on average 170,000 km/bus with some of them driving clearly more in this test. Totally 22,000,000 liters (nearly 6 million gallons) of blend fuel and 1,000,000 liters or roughly 264,172 gallons of neat Neste Renewable Diesel were consumed.

There was no need for any extra maintenance compared to standard diesel fuel use. Analyses of used engine oils did not show any differences compared to running with standard diesel fuel.

Neat Neste Renewable Diesel was left in a refueling storage tank for 8 months after the test was completed. The fuel was clear and free from microbiological growth after the storage time.

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