Farm diesel and gasoline fueling delivery service

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Fueling of a Farm Tank with a Star Oilco Truck.

Diesel and Gasoline for farming.  Fill your agricultural fuel tank while prices are low.

In Oregon and Washington diesel and gasoline prices are rising and expected to get higher this summer.  Off-road diesel and farm gasoline prices in particular are climbing slightly and are expected to bounce up further as the economy improves.

This is the time to fill your tank for summer.  If you have a bulk tank now is the time to order as we are seeing record lows for diesel and gasoline prices.  Order this season’s fuel now, and get a great price before the market changes.

Gasoline and Diesel delivery.

Agricultural fuels for farm use.

Call Star Oilco to keep your farm’s tank full.  Whether it’s a 100 to 500 gallons of gasoline and dyed diesel or a 25,000 order of B20 biodiesel.  We are there to serve you in this crazy period of time.  With what is going on, you will not regret having plenty of fuel next to your barn at these market prices.

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