Fuel an Emergency Back Up Power Generator after a Power Outage

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Keeping a generator full takes a partner who cares.  Star Oilco can help you get your gen-set fuel tank fresh for the next power outage.

Fuel for a back up generator is a specialized product.  It requires a vendor that can offer fuel stabalizer and biocide for the special long term storage needs of your back up generator.  Be ready for when you need back up power by making sure your diesel is ready.

Make sure the diesel fuel stored in your back up generator is ready to operate.  To do this you will need generator fuel stabalized for long term storage.

Star Oilco recommends you add a biocide and long term storage stabilizer to your fuel to ensure it is good for the next time you need it. We use Valvtect Bioguard Plus 6 for generators, emergency water pumps, back up boiler fuel, and other long term storage purposes. This product will kill any existing biological growth and will also stabilize your fresh diesel fuel for a long term storage.


Feel free to message us if you need a back up tank filled.  If you are in charge of Corporate Fueling feel free to call with any questions you may have.

Keep it Simple with Star Oilco. We will make it easy for you to be prepared.

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