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We offer competitive pricing for our quality fuel and fantastic customer service. We can deliver any amount over 100 gallons. We offer lower pricing, whether paying by cash, check or credit card. And should you need it, we also can set you up with payment plans. We are flexible and are here to help you stay warm.

Star Oilco is a locally owned, veteran-owned and a multi-generation family owned and operated company that has been keeping residents of the Portland area warm since 1936. For over 80 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and low prices for all of our heating oil customers, new and old.

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in small, local heating oil companies going out of business, leaving many long-time heating oil residents without their choice heating oil company and driver. Oftentimes, the larger heating oil companies are not as personal or responsive as they should be when taking on these new customers.

That’s where Star Oilco can make a difference for you. We are a small, independently owned business that cares about your heating oil needs and puts in the effort to make it a pleasant and seamless experience for you.

We deliver Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil, B20 Biodiesel, #1 Stove Oil and Kerosene

“I called several different places looking for heating oil for a friend, I spoke to JoAnn,
she was extremely helpful! They were able to deliver this week!”
Sue H. – Portland, OR

Personal Customer Service

Each and every one of our customers receives personal attention from our customer service staff. As a result, some of our customers have been with us for over 50 years! We make sure to answer all of your questions regarding your heating oil system and offer you the lowest price possible for your oil delivery.

“Keep Full” Home Oil Delivery Plans

With our Auto-Fill Heating Oil Delivery Plan, you can rest assured that your tank is never empty. No matter what size your tank is, with our Keep Full delivery plan, you’ll always get the lowest price available. We also offer a .05 per gallon senior citizen discount.  If you pay your bill within 10 days you can receive a .05 per gallon discount.*

Quality Home Heating Oil

We are committed to offering the cleanest, most advanced oil on the market and our customers can tell the difference. Our heating oil fuel burns much cleaner, improves the performance and extends the life of your tank. We offer a variety of high-quality, ultra-low sulfur diesel blends, which include a regular B5 blend, a B20 blend, as well as a B99 blend, should you have a biodiesel furnace.

*one discount honored per customer

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Should you have issues with your tank, we can provide you with some great local technicians that can address any issues with your oil Furnance system. Give us a call!

We also have some tips on how to restart your furnace!

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