Biodiesel as a Heavy Duty Low CO2 Solution

July 7, 2021 By ,

Use Oregon’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard rules to the benefit of your Diesel fleet.

B99 Biodiesel available for heavy duty diesels in Oregon.

In Oregon the state ensures there is a cost associated with the CO2 intensity of a fuel.  This is why Biodiesel is consistently lower cost than petroleum Diesel fuels on the West Coast.  Get ahead of this curve and ensure your fleet benefits.

Why B99 Biodiesel was used in the past?

Prior to 2007 emission systems on modern diesels B99 Biodiesel was commonly used by fleets.  The fact that Biodiesel is a domestic, renewable and low CO2 fuel with a benign tail pipe emission made it popular.  B99 was the preferred fuel of dozens of fleets in the Pacific NW.  After the EPA requirements starting in 2007 which added particulate traps, SCR, their dosing systems, and the general complexity of these clean diesel systems on modern diesels, B99 became problematic.  Specifically the Tier 3 and Tier 4 diesel emission systems had a habit of choking on high blends of Biodiesel approaching B99.  This issue has been solved by Optimus Technologies Vector System.

Why B99 Biodiesel is the solution for Heavy Duty Diesel fleets seeking a Low CO2 solution today?

The Optimus Technologies Vector System provides the solution by enabling two tanks of fuel.  One tank dedicated to the diesel or R99 Renewable Diesel and the other tank dedicated to B100 or B99 pure Biodiesel. These systems optimize the systems of your modern Diesel fleet while also optimizing the performance and realities of the emission systems.

Star Oilco at the National Biodiesel Conference in Las Vegas

Mark Fitz the owner of Star Oilco was recently invited to speak in front of a bunch of soy bean farmers.  He talks a little bit of the future of biodiesel and how to make a difference today.

Below was the lunch on learn we had last year.  Feel free to reach out if you would still like to learn more.

Learn more an upcoming Lunch and Learn.

July 15th, 2021 Lunch and Learn about B99 Biodiesel for Heavy Duty Diesels.

You are invited to a Lunch and Learn event

Star Oilco, Optimus Technology, and Columbia Willamette Clean Cities Coalition are offering a Lunch and Learn event both virtually and in person July 15th, 2021. To register for this event please follow the following link to the Event Brite registration page.

This event is part of the Columbia Willamette Clean Cities Coalition’s Mindful Mobility Tech Talk series.  A series designed to educate and expand on the evolving trends in fleet technology relevant to fleets seeking to decarbonize their miles travelled.


To register to this Free Event please goto Eventbrite for the Lunch and Learn sign up.