July 1st Washington State taxes go up to nearly $.50 a gallon

June 27, 2016 By ,

What’s the difference between Washington and Oregon diesel?  Starting July 1st, 2016 it’s $.494 a gallon!

Washington state fuel tax rates: HERE

If your fleet operates out of Oregon, yet another reason exists to focus on control of your fuel purchasing. Washington state fuel taxes are going up to $.494 a gallon.  Nearly fifty cents or as many of our customers look at it, over ten to fifty dollars a fill up.  If your drivers are stopping for fuel in Washington state in route.  You can save an immediately by getting them to top off in Oregon first.

Often we talk to fleets and advise them to watch the taxes they pay.  Usually cutting down on labor and unnecessary taxes is the fastest way to manage fuel for a large up front savings.  Seize control of your fuel spending by moving to onsite refueling or bulk. We are there for you to help Oregon companies keep one of the few tax advantages of operating in Oregon. We will help your operation avoid the higher Washington state fuel tax.