Mack and Volvo OEM Approval of Renewable Diesel

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Is Renewable Diesel endorsed by Mack and Volvo?  Yes it is.

Mack and Volvo came out with a formal approval for Renewable Diesel in all of their engines.

What is impressive about this approval is Mack’s statement that using Renewable Diesel would reduce the cost of operating their equipment. That is a unique endorsement of a non-OEM product if ever there was one.

“Customers can also save money with renewable diesel fuel, as it requires fewer maintenance costs compared to other alternative fuels.”

– Mack Press Release Jan 7, 2016

To learn more about Mack’s Press Release of approval , click HERE:


Volvo, a sister company to Mack doesn’t have a press release up yet. We will update when we find it.  But the trucking press is equally as glowing in it’s coverage.

CCJ in particular goes in depth. But playing up the maintenance cost savings potential in their article headlined “Is Renewable Diesel the first alt fuel no brainer?”:

“Even if you find renewable diesel at a slight premium, don’t overlook the value of reduced maintenance. A cleaner, smoother combustion means less wear-and-tear on the engine, leaving more room for horsepower and torque to do their thing. That’s another, and maybe the most important, win-win.”

–  CCJ Fed 5, 2016 . – To read the article click HERE


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