Optimus Vector B99 Biodiesel Kit Lunch and Learn Event

June 14, 2021 By

You are invited to a July 15th, 2021 Lunch and Learn about B99 Biodiesel for Heavy Duty Diesels.

You are invited to a Lunch and Learn event

Star Oilco, Optimus Technology, and Columbia Willamette Clean Cities Coalition are offering a Lunch and Learn event both virtually and in person July 15th, 2021. To register for this event please follow the following link to the Event Brite registration page.

This event is part of the Columbia Willamette Clean Cities Coalition’s Mindful Mobility Tech Talk series.  A series designed to educate and expand on the evolving trends in fleet technology relevant to fleets seeking to decarbonize their miles travelled.


To register to this Free Event please goto Eventbrite for the Lunch and Learn sign up.