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PowerKleen Premium Diesel + Superior Filtration + Desiccant Breathers on Tanks

Star Oilco can solve fuel quality problems with our Precision Fuel Management.

Star Oilco, Hydrotex® and Donaldson® have joined forces to geographically map and sample diesel storage tanks as part of a two state (Oregon and Washington) project that brings to bear the combined global resources and technologies of this alliance to establish a large searchable data set by ASTM test method for targeted application to local fuel reliability and performance solutions.

Guided by O.E.M. recommendations and actual ASTM test results from your tanks, the program will allow the correct application of a suite of complimentary processes and products to ensure optimum design efficiencies and longevity of the new low-emission diesel engine platforms are achieved.

Initial benchmark testing and an ongoing “Condition Based Monitoring” will be provided at no cost to individual fleet operators who participate. The results will be confidential and remain the property of the fleet owner for use as a tool in establishing better R.O.I. on fuel and related maintenance expenses. Regional data will be combined in anonymous sets to be analyzed and tracked to establish helpful overall trends and recommendations or new product development and application strategies.


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Hydrotex PowerKleen® premium additive enhances and improves ULSD fuel giving it the chemical composition needed to work together with today’s diesel engines. The additive restores lubricity and substantially reduces or eliminates the effects of rust and corrosion inside storage tanks, fuel tanks and fuel injectors.


Donaldson filtration solutions has been developing high quality effective filtration systems for diesel fuel engines and diesel storage tanks since 1915. Donaldson, a pioneer in the filtration industry, knows all too well the issues associated with ULSD. The Donaldson Clean & Dry® filtration kit for AST’s (above ground storage tanks) is helping solve fuel quality issues associated with excessive particulate (dirt) and water found in fuel coming off the pipeline. For every 10,000 gallons of diesel delivered, each tank truck and trailer load can have up to 1 pound of dirt and 1 gallon of water in the fuel and still be acceptable as per the ASTM D975 fuel quality standard. Beyond that, though biodiesel has many good qualities, it can be a challenge regarding filtration.

Precision Fuel Management Overview


Deliver clean & dry, optimum performance diesel fuel to the end user, into a (clean & dry) bulk storage tank or piece of equipment to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize equipment downtime by reducing fuel system maintenance, injector failures and filtration consumption. This is a continuous improvement process that begins with tank sampling, precision filtration and a premium diesel fuel additive and involves scheduled tank/nozzle sampling, reliability centered maintenance and the monitoring of key performance indicators, such as filtration consumption, MPG/GPH efficiency, injector wear/replacement, bulk tank and pump component corrosion. Root Cause Analysis is implemented when any of the above components are breached in an effort to deflect blame and return the customer/end user to optimum performance as quickly as possible.

Actionable Benchmarking:

Tank sampling is the most important KPI and a critical component to identifying customer issues, thus setting in motion a chain of scheduled, accountable and actionable events to remediate bulk tank storage issues, filtration deficiencies, onboard common rail injector and fuel system issues, and improve daily fueling practices by the end user.

Teach/Train/Coach the End User: Setting customer expectations are key and must be established early. Through expert presentation and demonstration, the customer must be taught and trained to understand the challenges of diesel fuel in the market place today, from both the storage and consumption perspective. As the fuel expert in the market, we cannot allow price to be the driving variable in either selling practices or purchasing decision. If it is, the program will certainly fail long-term. Ongoing coaching will develop the necessary loyalty to create a win-win-win (customer, vendor, environment). ROI and cost analysis can and should be utilized, where applicable, to demonstrate the viability of the Precision Fuel Management program.

Marketing & Promotion:

Getting the word out is a must! Through strategic geographic tank sample saturation and mapping, satisfied customer testimonials, distribution of the GPA Terracon Engineering Study, and active participation in local fuel related trade shows, we can establish the Precision Fuel Management program as the optimum means for any fleet, agriculture, construction, etc. organization to maximize the 40% operational expense that diesel fuel consumption represents.

Continuous Improvement:

Through tank sample mapping and trend analysis we can identify and remediate storage issues and optimize performance for the end user by continuous evaluation of fuel handling processes, filtration system efficiencies, premium diesel fuel additive concentration levels and seasonal additive requirements. At this level, corporate R&D and TRT are hands-on in recommending best practices for continued Precision Fuel Management optimization and growth.

How can I keep my fuel in my bulk tank clean, dry, and stable?

The Donaldson Clean & Dry® filtration kit consists of a 4 micron particulate filter, in line-water filter and a separate desiccant breather trap. Donaldson’s patented “Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection” (T.R.A.P.) breather technology is installed on storage tanks to vent air coming in and out of the tank. The trap will control moisture accumulation inside the storage tank and the trap breather regenerates or “dries itself out” through design when fuel is delivered into the tank adding to its service life. Donaldson Clean & Dry® provides superior filtration designed to polish fuel being dispensed while maintaining maximum throughput and flow rate.

What can fleet operators do to solve these complex fuel related issues?

The answer is: Clean Diesel through Precision Fuel Management.
All of this expertise, experience and tactical guidance from our partners, Hydrotex and Donaldson, combined with strategic market timing and implementation by Star Oilco including inventory monitoring and storage control has evolved into a continuous improvement process we call “Precision Fuel Management.”

The four cornerstones of clean, dry, stable fuel:

  1. Star Oilco Clean, Dry Premium Diesel
  2. Hydrotex PowerKleen® Premium Additive
  3. Donaldson Clean & Dry® Filtration Systems
  4. The consumer/end user’s role in fuel consumption and storage.

The Precision fuel management program has been tested, implemented and found to be a foundation tool used dependably by Salinas Fuel and Bulk Oil Sales expert – Rich Hunter of Sturdy Oil ( ). Rich brings 30 years of experience to the diesel fuel industry and a wealth of knowledge on the complexity, as well as the simplicity of fuel storage, acquiring and maintaining fuel quality and following through on the promise that Sturdy Oil will deliver “cleaner, better diesel, guaranteed” for all of his customers’ fleets and tanks.

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