Portland Oregon Fuel Market Report 08/28-09/03/2020

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Portland, Oregon Fuel Market Report

08/28/2020 – 09/03/2020 Weeks Average

Level 4 hurricanes, Laura and Marco, caused less devastation to the refineries than first expected. Clean-up efforts are being rolled out for these refineries, such as Sabine-Neches and Calcasieu with no major damage. This may stunt production temporarily till debris cleared, however not as long as repairs would take.  As a result, retail prices are the highest they have been during COVID-19. This should soon change as the peak driving season is coming to a close. An unexpected effect to fuel prices will also occur when schools start up online. Due to the commute being terminated, one of the biggest consumptions of gasoline will be terminated along with it.

As demand continues to lower prices should soon reflect it, at least in the wholesale sector. All wholesale prices have followed this trend. Diesel or B5 has shot down 4 cents to $1.29. Biodiesel or B20 has followed suit dropping 4 cents making it $1.26 from its previous week at $1.30 gasoline is now at $1.44 down 8 cents from last week’s price, $1.52.

Retail has again seen changes in the opposite direction. National prices in gasoline have jumped 3 cents, while diesel jumped a cent. Oregon saw less than a cent jump in both sectors of gasoline and diesel. Washington has jumped one cent in both gasoline and diesel. The cause for this jump in retail pricing that was not seen in wholesale could be caused by the hurricanes making them dip into their stockpiles.

*Chart source: https://www.gasbuddy.com/Charts

Rack Week Average

Wholesale Price Average

Wholesale Low

Wholesale Avg


$ 1.44

$ 1.54


$ 1.29

$ 1.33


$ 1.26

$ 1.32

Retail Week Average

Retail Price Average





$ 2.23

$ 2.67

$ 2.84


$ 2.43

$ 2.62

$ 2.75




State: OR


State: WA











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