Portland, Oregon gas and diesel price trends July 2017

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As the rest of the US is seeing lower retail gas prices for the summer driving season, the Portland, Oregon area is seeing flat and steady retail prices.
If budgeting for fuel, consider the high-end range of what you have been paying for fuel over the last eighteen months as a reasonable estimate for cost. With a robust US economy, as well as strong economic activity in the Pacific Northwest, upward pressure will continue to exist on the retail price of fuel. Deals can be had for commercial buyers seeking to play the market for diesel, as these spot buying opportunities don’t usually find their way to the retail market outside of truck stops catering to commercial clients.

(NOTE: To create your own pricing chart and compare various retail markets, please see GasBuddy.com for more information).


According to AAA gas and diesel prices are up year over year by about $.10 a gallon.

According to AAA Oregon, the average cost of Gasoline going into July is $2.659/ gallon. Average diesel is $2.654 a gallon as well. Compared to last year at the same time where gas was $2.542 and diesel was 2.593.

2017 prices for gas and diesel is within the historic band of highs and lows. Within the Portland market, even with the rush of summer gas sales, supply has been consistently good with few allocation alerts causing price volatility. We expect this to continue throughout the summer.


If you operate a commercial fleet and you have questions about future pricing, contract pricing, or budgeting for fuel costs over the next year, we recommend auditing how you currently buy fuel as a first step. Reach out to Star Oilco if you have any questions, needs, or comments.

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