Portland, Oregon Heating Oil same day and next day delivery service.

October 21, 2017 By ,


This fall Star Oilco will be offering same day and next day availability for heating oil orders.

Given the storms of Winter 2016-17 we are preparing to ensure our customers are ahead of the bad weather. This next winter is forecast is expected to be a repeat of last year. Be ready with a full tank of heating oil, kerosene, or B20 biodiesel heating oil.

Star Oilco offers two keep-it-simple services for Portland and Vancouver heating oil customers.

Heating Oil Auto Keep Full Service:  Star Oilco uses a “Degree Day” system to track the temperature outside and your likely fuel usage in your tank. We keep your tank topped off.  Keep Full customers are also always prioritized in inclement weather and storms. Keep your tank full.

Heating Oil Budget Pay Service: Star Oilco can take your heating oil bill and break it up year round to make paying for total winter comfort in your house easy. Go with a lower year round bill to stay warm in the cold of winter.

Message or call our office for pricing, to set up an account, or to place an order.

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