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Do you need Refrigerated Trailer fuel? We fuel reefers automatically.

Do you need Refrigerated Trailer fuel? We fuel reefers automatically.

Do you need Refrigerated Trailer fuel? We fuel reefers automatically. 150 150 Star Oilco

Refrigerated Trailer Fueling Service

Holiday season is right around the corner and refrigerated trucks are starting to show up all over town, if you have one and you need fueling Star Oilco has drivers on the road ready to keep your overflow refrigerated trailers humming and your inventory cold.

Keep your refrigerated trailer running with our automatic keep full program.

Reefer trailer fuel service

Refrigerated trailers, often also called “reefers” in trucking, are a popular way for grocers, food processors, and many other industries to expand their refrigerated inventory during the food rush of the holidays.

Star Oilco, the Portland area’s leading refueler of refrigerated trailers, is ready and waiting to help you expand your inventory on hand without any trouble by supplying dyed diesel for your refrigerated trucks. We have the industry’s lowest price for service of $65 with  a flat charge for service on an automatic keep full schedule. We’ll keep your inventory the right temperature this holiday season! Our trucks are ready and on the road driving past your location. This program is designed specifically in response to grocers and food processors needing a partner to simplify their refrigeration needs during their busiest time of year.

We make it one less thing to worry about.

How often should you fuel your refrigeration trailer?

Reefer Trailers typically can run for two days without a refuel if opened only once or twice a day.  Three days if you go a weekend without opening the trailer if fueled on Friday.  If you have staff leaving the door open regularly expect to need fuel daily.

Call for service. We can set up a credit account or run the service on a credit card, fleet card, or other payment method used by your business. 

Star Oilco delivers either Ultra Low Sulfer B5 Diesel or B20 Biodiesel (20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel) to your reefer. All fuels are dyed and for off-road use to avoid the expensive taxes associated with using clear diesel from a gas station pump. All of our dyed fuels are also treated with Hydrotex PowerKleen Premium Diesel, an additive that guarantees long-term storage stability and improved performance at time of combustion.

A refrigerated trailer typically burns between 10 and 15 gallons a day in the Portland area during the winter and we’ve found that the more you open the reefer’s door, the more fuel it burns. Some customers are able to get by with service twice a week. Given this experience, we usually recommend a refill schedule of three days a week to make sure you have no downtime or worry with the refrigerated trailer.

If you are on an automatic keep full schedule, we will also provide an emergency response in the event of a fuel theft at no additional charge. We will be there for you to make running your business that much easier.

Also remember if you are storing a trailer onsite for back up or overflow purposes you will want to prepare the fuel in the tank for long term storage. This is easily done with fuel additives Star Oilco can provide you to make sure your refrigerated trailer fires when you need it to.

To set up Refrigerated Trailer Refueling Service call or email our office.

We are ready to keep you full.

Construction equipment fuel delivery service

Message us below if you want to get a call back from our Dispatch about setting up service or call 503-283-1256 for immediate service.

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