Stop fuel theft with Pacific Pride fleet cards

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The economy is hot right now and everyone is hiring.  Every fleet is experience more turn over in their driver pool than they want.  This can cost your business in more than just training expense and overtime.  Add in rising gas prices impacting your entry level employees and an unlocked fuel card is a huge temptation.  Remove the temptation of fuel theft and keep honest drivers honest with Star Oilco’s secure fleet card solution.

Having control and real time awareness of what is happening in your small business is a critical piece for growing a successful business. With Star Oilco’s Fleet Cards you can control your fuel cards by only turning them on in the zip codes or states you want to operate in. You can also shut the cards off for weekends and evenings so that when your business isn’t open either is the ability for a dishonest employee to steal fuel.  Our cards also offer real time e-receipts emailing you who is buying fuel where and when enabling your team to reinforce you fuel policies at the moment someone violates it.

In Pamona, California two men altered a van to steal thousands of gallons of gas with a stolen credit card.  Credit cards are not designed to secure a business or an individual from fuel theft. Pacific Pride fleet cards are. Especially for corporate or small business fueling.

Star Oilco’s Pacific Pride fuel cards can secure your small business from this kind of threat. Be it a special van altered with a giant tank or an employee fueling up his wife’s car while fueling his own company vehicle we can prevent the risk of huge theft.

How we do this is with the designed Pacific Pride system which limits your fleet cards to total gallons per transaction, number of transactions a day, time of day, and locations you would actually need fuel. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A gallon of restriction literally might be worth tens of thousands of dollars of possible theft. Call us for more information. 503-283-1256

Star Oilco is an Independent Franchisee of Pacific Pride. We are there to make commercial fueling simple for you.  For more information on preventing fuel theft, saving money on fuel, or simplifying your fuel management all you have to do is ask. We want to help.

For Star Oilco’s Whitepaper on stopping fuel theft please go to page to download it.

Pacific Pride Cardlock Fuel Security

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