Monitor Fuel Purchases in Real Time

Star Oilco has been providing fuel security services longer than any other company in Portland. We are the Northwest’s premiere provider of Cardlock systems for companies of every size. With over forty years of experience we know first-hand how to protect your business from fuel slippage.

We make it easy for you to implement a Cardlock system at your company.  All you have to do is call (503) 283-1256 and we take care of all the details.

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Star Oilco Knows How To Stop Employees From Stealing Fuel...

“My business got hit for over $3000 in fuel theft over a holiday weekend.  Star Oilco assured me that this will never happen again with their Cardlock system.  Before we just used a company credit card and no reporting.  Star Oilco gave us a complete fuel monitoring system with fuel cards that attach to the vehicle keys, and email notifications for every transaction.  Now we can see who is buying gas in real time, and most important when our business isn’t open our gas cards do not work!”

Bryce C.

“Our business is high service catered fuel deliveries. We have a very complicated regulated environment with fuel taxes and reports.  Having someone willing to email CSV files and invoices without nickel and diming us is refreshing.   Star Oilco has made that simple for us.  Buying, tracking, and securing our fuel transactions in one place. Every other company we have used has made everything complicated and getting a human being is problematic. Their fleet cards are not only secure it is human and therefore easy to work with.”

Adam M. – Rainy Day Fuel

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