Tank manufacturer now recommends tank bottom cleaning.

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Western Global a top tier tank manufacturer now recommends regular bottom cleaning of their tanks as routine tank maintenance.

This is new and Star Oilco applauds it! Star Oilco routinely pulls tank bottom samples, treats fuel for quality assurance and is available to pump water off of tank bottoms. Star Oil also will line up a third party tank cleaning contractor for a more intensive pump out cleaning or even to enter the tank and manually clean it from the inside. fuel-cube-with-hose

This is a new perspective compared to ten years ago where the only additional need for diesel fleets seemed to be a 10 or 30 mircron filter before dispensing fuel.  Ten years ago water in fuel was rare and easily determined to be from an outside source.  Clogged filters was equally as rare event usually associated with biological growth or some extreme dirty fuel event. Today if you don’t additize your fuel to protect against biological growth you will guaranteed by additizing to kill biological growth in your fleet.  Today water appears in the bottom of tanks randomly as if by magic.  Worst of all filter spinning especially in the colder months seems to be a regular occurrence for fleets dealing with asphaltenes leaving their black stains as a calling card on truck’s internal fuel filters.

Western Global’s Fuel Cubes and Trans Cubes are already the Maserati of fuel storage preferred by contractors on jobsites. The neat, clean and professional look of these tanks being the hallmark of a clean jobsite inside a city.  Being the leading preferred storage solution their move to also recommend best practices only reinforces this.

We are excited to see it transcubeand be there to support this market need. Currently Star Oilco offers a Precision Fuel Management service which not only meets but exceeds Western Global’s recommendations.

Star Oilco’s Precision Fuel Management program includes:

  • PowerKleen Premium Diesel treatment in all fuel
  • 2 Micron Donaldson fuel filtration at dispenser
  • Seasonal tank bottom samples and checking for water
  • Seasonal lab testing of fuel quality to guarantee ISO specification fuel
  • 24-7 remote tank monitoring for fuel level and leaks
  • Tank bottom polishing as needed
  • Available 3rd party tank cleaning services including and up to manually entering the tank and cleaning it as well as relining the tank bottom to ensure a new and clean surface.


Call Star Oilco about our Precision Fuel Management program today.