VW Settlement for TDI Diesels Announced

July 2, 2016 By ,

Star Oilco is a leader in biodiesel sales being one of the few sellers of B99 biodiesel to retail users at our Linton Shell station and our main Middlefield road offices.  We also provide B20 to other retail outlets (often the preferred biodiesel fuel for those running newer clean diesel engine platforms.  Many of our customers prefer the VW TDI diesel. This scandal effecting many of our customers.  Of course the VW scandal bypassed most of our customers who prefer the pre-particulate trap model cars. 2006 being the final year also approved for B100 usage in Europe (not approved for B100 in the US just Europe but of course that means the part compatibility is there).

The VW TDI scandal effects engines made between 2009 and 2015 dependent on your car.  WIRED magazine does an excellent write up in plain English.  We recommend starting there if you are trying to understand what the settlement means and where to go next.

If you’ve got a lease. They will take it back without a penalty. If you love your TDI, not exactly a great settlement.

If you own the car they will buy it back at pre-scandal prices. Of course in Oregon and Washington there doesn’t appear to be any difference in price as people love TDIs. So again if you love your TDI it remains to be seen if this is a great solution. VW will upgrade the car to meet EPA and CARB emission standards for free. That being no different than a recall of anything else. Of course it will be curious to hear what mileage goes to with this fix.