What’s in a “Keep it Simple Fuel Audit”

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Pacific Pride commercial fuel station

Get a better deal on corporate fleet card services in 2019.

As 2019 arrives, fuel is getting cheaper. That is good news!

Audit 2018’s Fuel Bill and start off with a better first quarter!

Fuel is usually a top expense for a small business.

We want to help you to manage that expense.

We have a transparent way to analyze your fuel expense breaking it down in an easy to understand format. Let us help you demystify what you are paying in fuel and grab control of your gasoline and diesel bills.

Pacific Pride Fuel Security

At Star Oilco we Keep it Simple when analyzing fuel bills.

Today two trends are happening in the pacific northwest.  Fuel prices are dropping fast and wages are rising against that trend.  Retail stations are keeping more margins than ever in retail fuel history.  With minimum wages approaching $15 in parts of the Pacific NW the cost of retail gas stations in particular is rising faster than inflation. Stand alone commercial cardlock locations such as Pacific Pride and CFN can help you save on your own labor as well as avoid the higher retail cost.

Dig into your bill and get an understanding of what you are paying, what you are paying for, and let us demystify the fees, charges, and hard to understand line items of our competitors.  It seems that many of our competitors, much like cell phone companies, want an as-complex-as-possible bill, making it hard to understand what’s your cost of fuel.

We can demystify that and show you what you pay, what’s in that cost of fuel and how you can save going forward. We do this by concentrating on this fact. There are only three things in the cost of a gallon of gas or diesel.

The three costs in the price on your fuel bill are:

  1. The commodity cost of fuel (the wholesale and verifiable fuel cost itself),
  2. The fuel taxes charged by the Feds, State, and local governments on top of that, and
  3. The margin your fuel vendor puts on top of those two very transparent costs.

These three costs ( commodity cost of the fuel itself, the fuel taxes on that fuel, and the margin charged by your current vendor) can be audited and confirmed.  We will empower you with the knowledge of what your vendor is charging you and is it a fair price for their service. Beyond that, there should be no other costs. If your vendor has other costs (fees, invoice charges, etc…), we can show you what those really cost per gallon so you can see your true cost fuel.

Star Oilco can make this clear and easy to understand. Let us know if we can help.

Contact us to Keep it Simple and understand your fuel bill.

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