What’s in a “Keep it Simple Fuel Audit”

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Fuel is often the first, second, or third highest expense for a small business. Having a transparent way to analyze your fuel expense is Star Oilco’s specialty. Let us help you demystify what you are paying in fuel and seize control of your gasoline and diesel bill.


At Star Oilco we Keep it Simple when analyzing fuel bills.

It seems that many of our competitors, much like cell phone companies, want an as-complex-as-possible bill, making it hard to understand what’s your cost of fuel. We can help demystify that and show you what you pay, what’s in that cost of fuel and how you can save going forward. We do this by concentrating on one fact. There are only three things in the cost of a gallon of gas or diesel. These three costs being the commodity cost of the fuel itself, the fuel taxes on that fuel, and of course the margin charged by your current vendor. Beyond that, there are no other real costs. If your vendor has other costs, fees, etc… that are not the actual commodity cost they paid for the fuel or taxes charged by government on the fuel, it’s actually margin they are trying to disguise as something else.

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