What’s the price of Portland, Oregon gas and diesel?

February 27, 2017 By ,

The online retail gas price tracking service Gas Buddy has launched a really slick interface to show fuel prices. If you want to know the lowest and highest price for gas in Oregon and Washington this is a good place to start.

Gas Buddy call’s it “Fuel Insights” and it puts the current retail market in an at a glance view. You can also run charts of prices over time and compare different markets.  If you are required to budget for fuel in the future i would advice looking at the past and assuming a similar result.  This makes that really easy to back up with real world data. An example screen capture of their new service below. Really handy if looking for what prices are.

If your business is seeking to contain and control fuel costs don’t hesitate to call Star Oilco at 503.283.1256 for ideas on how to manage your fuel spend. Often our customers ask what to track a good price of fuel against. The average cost of Gas Buddy is often a great place to measure top tier gas from.  Diesel is a harder item to actually track as the retail gas market is slower moving to volatile diesel markets. Often commercial diesel prices versus retail gas station diesel is over $.40 a gallon difference.  Often we recommend using the OPIS reporter for diesel as a honest price to base from.  Star Oil also offers OPIS+ pricing for customers needing it.

Star Oilco your partner in fuel.  We will keep it simple for you.