You are Invited to a Class on Precision Fuel Management

May 30, 2017 By ,

Star Oilco, Hydrotex, and Donaldson Filtration are co-hosting a Precision Fuel Management class in Portland, Oregon.

If you have questions on solving all of your fuel related diesel problems this is the class for you.  Paul Klick of Donaldson Filtration will be given an in depth presentation on their world leading diesel filtration technology and what that does for your fleet.  Alan Plusquellec of Hydrotex Lubricants will be giving a presentation on Precision Fuel Management and the focus on consistent ongoing improvement of your diesel fuel.

If you are seeing injector failure, fuel filter spinning issues, or DPF doser/regeneration problems this is the class for you. For more on how Precision Fuel Management works please see the Star Oilco Fuel Quality page.

Attendance in the class also comes with a complementary diesel fuel sample testing for ASTM D975 diesel specification as well as ISO cleanliness.

Typically ongoing diesel related issues is caused by one of two things.  Water issues in your tank or fuel that’s dirtier than the OEM engineered your engine for.  Biological growth is a recurring issue today as well. Often that is directly connected to moisture collecting in your diesel tanks. Take control and learn how to improve your fleet’s fuel economy while you are at it.

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