Audi develops Renewable Diesel process

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Renewable Diesel in Oregon

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The future of liquid fuels is going to be renewable. Taking garbage or low value resources and upgrading them into low CO2 high performance fuels like Renewable Diesel.  As diesel prices are running towards $3 a gallon expect more news of these projects coming forward.

Audi a long time partner with Neste on their Renewable Diesel product is not new to this space. As a world leader in high performance diesel engines for consumer Audi knows. Audi being famous for winning Le Mans repeatedly with a TDI running on Renewable Diesel.

Audi calls their product “E-Diesel” and it is made from water. Simply described the technology separates oxygen from the H20 molecule and introduces CO2 which reforms the remaining hydrogen and carbon dioxide into a hydrocarbon. Wikipedia has more on this for further reading. 

If you want to read something interesting about a similar technology being developed in the US by the National Renewable Energy Lab here is something about a project funded by the Navy where they hope to make diesel from sea water. 

CNBC also covered this earlier this week for more reading on it. 

If you have questions about Renewable Diesel in the Pacific Northwest feel free to contact Star Oilco.  Star Oilco has the ability to source Renewable Diesel from multiple vendors delivered to the Portland, Oregon market.  We are there to make this high performance next generation fuel easy for your fleet.


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