Diesel Fuel Technical Review from Chevron.

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Do you have questions about diesel fuel?

If you have questions about diesel specification, quality assurance, performance, and what ASTM Specification is, this is the book for you. Essentially, the Chevron Diesel Fuels Technical Review is a text book on diesel fuel written at a fifth grade reading level. It’s easy to read and understand with a great deal of depth.

If you have questions about how diesel is made, what ASTM specification diesel is, or how biofuels affect diesel this is your text book.

Though diesel is everywhere and used in every industry as a go-to fuel, it is a complex subject. There is a great deal to learn about diesel. It is technology that can benefit anyone touching the fuel or equipment fired by it. Since the requirement of particulate traps and associated clean diesel technologies, much has changed and what you think you know might need some updating.

A great diesel fuel technical resource from Chevron.
Like a text book to bring an interested person up to speed on everything specifically diesel fuel related, this resource is far better than perusing a diesel gossip board.

Chevron Diesel Technical PDF

Diesel fuel questions answered by this great document by Chevron

If you are curious about diesel fuel as an actual product these days, this is the book for you. Chevron has developed a Diesel Fuel Technical Review which is an easy-to-read textbook on diesel as a stand alone fuel.

What does ASTM Diesel mean?

This document covers not only refining, chemistry and ASTM specifications, but it goes into additives, quality assurance issues and the general reality seen on the street by those of us keeping fleets on the road. This is a great resource for fleets.

See the Chevron Diesel Fuel Technical Review here: Chevron Diesel Fuels Technical Review

If you have questions about diesel fuel quality assurance or if you want to get your diesel fuel tested for ASTM and ISO cleanliness specification, Star Oilco will do that for fleets in our service area at no charge. If you have questions about diesel, we want to help get you answers. Fill out the form below to get started.

For more on stabalizing diesel fuel for storage or killing biological growth in diesel please see this post as well.

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