Renewable Diesel Supplier Portland

Star Oilco is one of the leading fuel companies in the Pacific Northwest pioneering the use of alternative fuels, specifically renewable diesel. 100% renewable diesel is quickly growing as the preferred fuel for environmentally conscious consumers, since it is a high-quality, low-carbon fuel and does not require emptying your tank. It can be blended with another fuel in any blending ratio all the way up to 100%.

Like petroleum-based diesel, renewable diesel is made through a hydrogenation process instead of a chemical process, by which biodiesel is derived. But apart from petroleum fuel, which is made from crude oil and other hydrocarbons contained in natural gas (fossil fuels), renewable diesel is made from natural fats or vegetable and palm oils, making it a much cleaner, lower carbon content fuel for diesel vehicles.

Star Oilco delivers premium renewable diesel product to your tank or fleet anywhere in Oregon and Washington. We’ve been serving our customers renewable fuels since 2015 and strive to make switching to renewable diesel easy and affordable for our customers. If you are interested in mobile on-site refueling, wet-hosing, construction job site fueling or receiving fuel at your retail location we can deliver a premium product that you’ll feel good about using.

Contact us with any questions you may have about renewable diesel, biodiesel, ethanol or other emerging alternative fuels. We have a proven track record of making alternative fuels very easy for our customers who are interested in greener fuel options and helping pave the way towards a healthier planet.

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